Extraction temperature stability and group adjustment of temperatures. LIFE and LIFE HIGH CUP prove their performances whomever the user, the volume and the environment.


Eco mode button: at night and between services, lower the boiler’s temperature to 80° C. to save energy and money.

Hot water tap : adjustable temperature and two programmable volume doses.

Integrated “cold” water mixer tap: adjust independently each group’s temperature thanks to the GID-R.

Temperature spikes prevention system.  

Electromagnetic rotary pump: quiet and durable. 120 L/h on 1 and 2 groups, 200 L/h on 3 groups

Boiler temperature stability : thanks to an electronic PID control with a 0,5°C precision.

Coffee circuit cleaning program: press buttons 1 and 5 simultaneously to start a cycle

Volumetric coffee program: 5 selections per group.

Machine Finishing: Shiny Stainless Steel.

Side panels colors choices: black or white side panels.

Optional colors available on Life and Life High Cup: Dark Edition, Black series and white series.

  • in the photo: optional customized side panels color.


We have redesigned the ergonomics and technologies of our machines in order to adapt to the market’s needs for higher cups and milk pitchers.

Retractable and stable drawers allow working with smaller cups.

Available for 2 and 3 groups machines

  • in the photo: optional full inox portefilter.
LIFE1 Group2 Groups
Standard or High Cup
3 Groups
Standard or High Cup
Manual Steam11 or 21 or 2
"Latte art" Automatic Milk Foamer
Peek or Inox
Patent by Reneka
Available +2kgAvailable one or double +2/4kgAvailable one or double +2/4kg
Hot Water111
Boiler's Capacity6.2 L11.4 L18.7 L
Connection230V 50/60 Hz230V 50/60Hz
400V 50/60Hz
230V 50/60Hz
400V 50/60Hz
all our machines existe in mono/trio phase
2100W3300W / 3800W4200W / 6200W
Weight42 kg60 kg / 76 kg high cup80 kg / 95 kg high cup
Width430 mm710 mm930 mm
Height530 mm530 mm / 600 mm high cup530 mm / 600 mm high cup
Depth510 mm510 mm510 mm

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