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French manufacturer of professional coffee machines since 1932

Our Story

Out there in the region of Alsace in France, in a small town named Rosheim, lay the workshop of Reneka. We have existed since 1919, and been making professional coffee machines, fully by hand, since 1932.

Then as now, we design, developpe and assemble our coffee machines in France.

Mission Statement

The world of coffee lovers and baristas is a world full of passion and perfectionism.

In order to achieve the full aroma potential of the coffee beans, a lot of knowledge, patience and experience are necessary.

On the other hand, the world of restaurants, hotels and bakeries are characterized by their need for speed, efficiency and rentability.

All this in an environment where, unfortunately, there is a lot of turnover and it is becoming more and more rare to find barista trained team members.

At Reneka, we strive to be the bridge between these worlds, therefore, we specialize in semi-automatic machines and technologies.

The preservation of the traditional extraction methods of an Italian espresso machine are necessary to realize the gustatory potential of the coffee.

Thanks to the design and rethinking of original and exclusive technological solutions, we have made these standards more accessible than ever.

Our quality assurance comes from our machines being manually inspected one by one by a control team. We insist on preserving these working methods since they are the source of our accuracy and reliability, for which we are reputed for.

We are convinced that your customers deserve the highest quality cup of coffee, regardless of who operates the machine.

We believe in closeness and adaptation to our customers, by being true partners in finding solutions for your needs.

Thanks to the knowledge, inventiveness and ingenuity we have developed over ninety years of experience, we are sure that our machines can be not only a source of Reassurance and peace of mind, but also a significant strategic tool in the prosperity of your business. We are committed to this.

These investments results in one of the most trustworthy and durable coffee machines in the industry.

That’s why we get to do what we love. Every day.

Our Heritage


The Company was established in 1919 in Strasbourg and in the beginning mainly focused on its expertise in chromium coating. Its customers, including prestigious automobile manufacturers (BUGATTI in Molsheim) and producers of orthopedic equipment, appreciated its industrial precision and technical proficiency.


In 1927 the Reneka brand name was created M. René Kauss with the purpose of positioning itself on the silverware market, with its own silverware models designed for the restaurant industry.


In 1932 the first coffee machine was introduced to the “restaurant” offerings. This wall mounted coffee machine, completely made of chrome, was developed based on the idea of a steam percolator. Its design and reliability quickly seduced the professionals.


Production which had been halted in 1939, restarted in 1946 and the market now extended throughout France. The Major, a small counter-top machine, became a symbol in the café-restaurant world.


The end of the 1950s Reneka launched the 1-4 group – European range. People were enthused by the convenience of being able to make coffee on individual demand due to the new hydraulic piston system.


Reneka introduces the Viva. The thermo-regulated injection system, which ensures a consistent extraction quality and temperature was greatly improved with this system. The regulation system of the pump and the pressure modulator were completely redesigned and repositioned which made maintenance a lot easier.


In 2004 the market unanimously greeted the arrival of the Viva S line. The Reneka thermo-regulated injection system was further improved and direct access to the pump settings and pressure gauge made preventative maintenance easier.


The Viva S is renamed LIFE. The LIFE range is until today the company’s best seller. 


Then as now, we have conserved our manual and traditional know how. We keep on marching toward excellency for the goal of easy to operate machines for the finest of coffee. In today’s industrial economy, this choice is not always easy, but thanks to our loyal partners and world-class products, we continue to prosper and innovate. One step at a time.

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