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Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or a professional barista, Reneka’s AROMA PERFECT technology is designed to help you achieve the perfect espresso every time.

At Reneka, we are passionate about coffee and want to share that passion with everyone, from beginners to professional baristas. That’s why we’ve developed our patented AROMA PERFECT technology, which optimizes every espresso
extraction, regardless of the user’s skill level.

With AROMA PERFECT, inserting the filter holder and tamping the coffee is a breeze.

The technology’s mechanical principles and

water pressure is designed to ensure that the coffee “cake” is perfectly tamped, smooth, and straight. This results in a more even and

consistent extraction, which is key to producing high-quality espresso shots.

In addition, the system adapts to changes in the dosage of the grinded coffee, which means that even small differences in grinder settings won’t affect the quality of the espresso. This ensures that you can achieve the perfect shot every time, without having to worry about making adjustments to the machine.

But that’s not all. AROMA PERFECT also features an integrated stop concept that ensures the brewing unit is closed at the perfect angle every time, making it easy to use and resulting in consistently delicious espresso shots.

Additionally, the system’s unique design minimizes pressure on the brewing unit seals, which translates into lower maintenance costs and longer-lasting equipment.

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