Reinventing the notion of small format, the Compact is a traditional espresso machine that ingeniously combine space-saving and power. Specially designed to meet the demands of small spaces such as food trucks or other places with a more modest coffee output, it is no less efficient with its compact size.

In a sleek and modern design, this machines brings together all RENEKA patents and technologies. The incorporation of these features makes it an unrivalled coffee solution, making every cup tasty and memorable, despite its small size.

No need to choose between space-saving and coffee quality. The Compact combines these two worlds while delivering RENEKA know-how and innovation in every sip.

Introducing the Family Compact Range – the ultimate solution for coffee enthusiasts who value both space efficiency and professional-grade espresso. These compact powerhouses are perfect for environments with limited space, such as food trucks or cozy cafés, without sacrificing the quality of each brew. Equipped with Reneka’s patented innovations, the Family Compact machines offer the full experience of larger models in a sleek, modern package. From the LATTE ART nozzle for perfect milk foam to the AROMA PERFECT group for superior espresso shots, these machines ensure that every cup is a delight. Select the Family Compact Range for an unmatched combination of Reneka’s tradition, innovation, and adaptability, all condensed into a machine that fits your space and coffee ambitions.

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